About Us


Mission Statement

Our objective is to firmly establish ourselves as a global leader in the value chain of Gold. We are currently the largest constituent of? global gold business. We would put all our efforts to ensure that we have a substantial global share in the entire value chain of gold by moving up the value chain by ?making available globally to the? retail consumers, ?Gold jewellery and investment Gold of the finest quality and designs at the best prices.


日日夜夜撸Rajesh Export Ltd's (REL) objective is to establish itself firmly as a leader in the global jewellery market by manufacturing and marketing the finest quality jewellery to consumers across the world. To achieve this objective REL will put in all required efforts and consequently emerge as a global leader in the field of jewellery.

  • Rajesh Exports Limited was incorporated in 1989. The company is a global leader in the Gold business.

  • REL is headquartered in Bangalore, India with operations spread across the world.

  • The only company in the world with presence across the entire value chain of Gold from refining to retailing.

  • Largest processor of gold in the world, REL processes 35% of gold produced in the world.

  • Largest exporter of gold products from India.

  • Lowest cost gold jewellery producer in the world.

  • World's finest gold products manufacturing and R&D facilities at various places, main facility being at Bangalore, India and the main refining facility being at Balerna, Switzerland.

  • Extensive marketing network covering entire India and the major gold markets of the world.

  • REL has one of the world's largest active jewellery design database of 29000 designs.

  • REL has developed several innovative technologies and processes in the manufacture of?Jewellery.

  • REL is a professionally managed company committed to the highest standards of corporate?governance.

  • The securities of REL are listed and traded in India on the NSE and BSE.

  • REL securities are widely held, with some of the world's top institutions being the share holders.


Global Strengths through Indian Innovations?

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